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One of the most wanted software for cleaning and accelerate operating system is now available for everyone.

If you want to use it simply just press download button here, otherwise you should read more about Driver Booster Full Version because if you are not sure, then we strongly suggest to check how to use that software. 

Driver Booster Key


Driver Booster is one of the most popular software dedicated to improving your operating system acceleration. It is really important, especially when your games or other softwares requires quick system-app response.

It has been already proven that Driver Booster speed our system up to 127% thanks to innovative solutions like benchmarking and speeding up the CPU with of course 100% of safety.

Please remember that Driver Booster is not a secret key to play e.g. Dying Light or newest Assassins Creed on 6-years old PC or notebook, but anyway, on 6-years old PC Driver Booster can do literally speaking - miracles, but not so powerful to play newest games.


Well, Driver Booster is one of the easiest accelerating software we have ever met. There are two types of "Modes". First named basic is for new users who don't have any advanced knowledge about optimizing operating system. If you are a new user then we suggest to use BASIC mode. In Basic mode, you need only to press start and the Driver Booster Key do everything is needed from his own. 

If you are a more advanced user then we suggest you to use "Advanced" mode because in that mode, you have an opportunity to do in-depth analysis of your operating system, but be careful otherwise you can ruin your whole system.

Driver Booster Full Version is really amazing, so we think that everyone should use it but use it carefully. He had so many complaints from users whom didn't care about reading Instructions. We also had many warm greetings from happy customers so it is your choice - will you be a complaining user or just a happy one?

Driver Booster Serial Fast


Driver Booster Key is one of the fastest softwares in the Internet. You can accelerate your operating system very quickly.

Driver Booster Key


With our Driver Booster Full you don't need to worry about our personal data. We don't get and storage any of your data.

Driver Booster Easy


Thanks to Basic Mode ours Driver Booster Serial is one of the easiest softwares. Just click START and speed up your OS.

Driver Booster Serial Key


As we previously said with this software you can get even 127% of the speed up thanks to just one, single click. It is your choice.


Don't wait. Join to over 150k of happy customers and feel free to use Driver Booster Serial right now without any worry about your computer condition.


We can talk literally speaking many hours about the advantages of our software, especially as we use our impressive tool, but from non=marketing point we should talk as a user. 

If we used Driver Booster Pro Key then we would pay attention to:

  1. Very nice and modern design which is also very intuitive, so we wouldn't be worried about finidng desired function.
  2. Easy to use for new users as long as "advanced" softwares are usually hard to use.
  3. Safety so you shouldn't be worried of your cracked and pirated porno - just kidding, we don't care and don't use any of your data. Just check logs of Driver Booster.
  4. Proven working, there are many case studies from people who used our tools. It never fails, always wins with lazy OS.
  5. Amazing support and short response time.

As you can see that advantages are really neutral and we don't telling you lies. Well, you can just download free serial and have a fun.


Below you are going to read a real story from one of our Customers - Josh. He had some serious troubles with PC and he couldn't find out what is wrong.

"Hello Dear Driver Booster Serial Support,

My name is Josh and I am in trouble because my Operation System doesn't work properly. It is very slow, my CPU temperature is rising up very quickly and I cannot use any of my software (I work as a graphic designer) and I cannot play my favorite Witcher 3. Well, My OS and generally my notebook is very new, but you know. I am just a newbie in optimizing OS so I have read about Driver Booster Serial but I am afraid that I can't use it properly. Can you just help me?

Kind Regards,


After a few mails with instructions to Josh we received final mail:

"Hello Dear Driver Booster Serial Support,

Josh here, again. Finally, thanks to you and your amazing Software I sped up my notebook, now it is almost as fast as Formula 1 is. I can play Wicher 3 on High details, 4K resolution and I can work long hours on my Photoshop, Bridge etc. Everything works perfectly thanks to your Driver Booster Key. Again big Thanks!

Kind Regards, 



Don't wait. Join to over 150k of happy customers and feel free to use Driver Booster Serial right now without any worry about your computer condition.